Canadian Date Night

I absolutely love a theme, and the lack of events and social occasions in 2020 won’t stop me being a bit extra and celebrating whenever I get a chance.

I was looking recently for more at-home dining experiences; we’ve tried Made in Oldstead a few times but I’m missing more of a junk food vibe. Enter: Blue Caribou, a Québec-style snack bar who claim to serve the best poutine outside of Montréal! With a theme in the bag I decided to invite my fella on a Canadian Date Night. We spent our amazing honeymoon exploring Canada so I had some ideas in mind for drinks…

We started the evening with a cocktail that has my name written all over it… a Canadian Daisy! A ‘daisy’ drink is a sour that’s lengthened with soda water. The recipe for this one is as follows…

  • 2 measures Canadian Rye Whisky
  • 3/4 measure lemon juice
  • 2 teaspoons raspberry syrup
  • 2 teaspoons simple syrup
  • Soda water
  • Raspberries to garnish

I chilled our coupette glasses beforehand then mixed all ingredients except the soda water together with cubed ice. You then top up the glass with soda and garnish with raspberries. To be honest I found it a bit awkward to stir massive chunks of ice in a dainty, tall glass and would probably use a rocks glass for this in future.

This was incredibly drinkable; the soda water floats at the top slightly so it starts very light, and gets more boozy, intense and sweet as you go.

We then moved on to a classy gin & tonic using the Empress 1908 Gin I bought for Dan; it’s a beautiful vibrant violet colour, which dilutes into more of a pink when you add tonic. We discovered the gin in a cocktail on honeymoon when we had a date night in our hotel, and it was the most hilarious drunk and jet-lagged evening. I blame this gin.

At this point we cracked open a bottle of wine so I didn’t make the other cocktails I had planned, but I’m sure I’ll work them into a night soon! I wanted to make a maple syrup Old Fashioned and a beautiful purple sour with the gin.

The evening got me thinking about our wonderful honeymoon and we had a look through our photo album! It was in Vancouver that I thought about starting this blog and learning more about mixing cocktails, so I’ve added below some of my favourite drinking moments from our holiday that inspired me…

The first stop of our honeymoon was the Fairmont in Whistler. Incredible skiing and boozing! A glass of Haywire Canadian sparkling wine in our room, and two beautiful cocktails at Bar Oso. Mine was pink peppercorn and gin!


We travelled to Tofino to stay in our own beach house. It has such a lovely vibe and we discovered some incredible drinking spots. This is a Caesar, home-brewed beer and a Mimosa all at Shed, one of our favourite spots.


How fab is this Tiki drink! I can’t remember what it was called or what it contained; I’ve emailed Wolf in the Fog to ask but no response – I will just have to try and create loads of funky pineapple and cherry drinks!


We ended in Vancouver staying at the Shangri-La, so I didn’t feel hugely compelled to leave the hotel! We had Straight Outta Brooklyn pizza takeout with a bottle of red, enjoyed breakfast cocktails and golden milk in the mornings, and tried plenty of beer around the city.

I’ve mostly written about a holiday from 18 months ago but I can blame 2020 for that! I have the rest of a bottle of Canadian rye whisky to play with, so I’ll be working on some more cocktails inspired by our trip soon!