Drinks Tour of Yorkshire

My birthday this year happened to fall on the sunniest Saturday in June… what else could we do but drink in the sun? Dan planned a fantastic day with the awesome foursome, so we loaded up the car and set off…

The first stop was Filey; if you ask anybody in Yorkshire about going to the beach, they will probably recommend this spot. We kicked off with fish and chips and a walk along the beach. Just as we found a spot and Buddy started digging a hole, Dan surprised me with my first present of the day – a gin and tonic kit!

It included a bottle of beautiful Dodd’s gin, which I’ve always wanted to try because it looks so damn good. The flavour didn’t disappoint – sagey, savoury, and smooth. He also bought Artisan tonic water, Toque juniper berries, cut lime and orange, paper cups, and even ice cubes in his vacuum water bottle. It was one of the nicest gin and tonics I’ve ever had – I think the sea view helped, plus the fact we were so hot and needed refreshment!

After a walk, a paddle and an ice cream, it was time to hit the road once more on our mystery tour. The next stop was a pub we’ve had our eye on for a while – The Pipe and Glass Inn, near Beverley. It’s a gorgeous building with a Michelin-star menu and perfect seating area outside. My first drink was an Aperol Spritz, and my second was even better – an Eldergin from their cocktail menu. Unfortunately I’m not sure how it was made or what it contained, as it was a surprise for me. It came in a wonderfully exaggerated, elegant coupe glass, and was a rich, corally-orange colour.

After a quick change at home, which included opening presents and a Kir Royale, we headed to town to try out Dough House, the new restaurant from the Livin’ Italy crew; Holly had already been and wanted to show us the good stuff! The cocktail menu had me quiet for a good ten minutes while I took in the awesome design, well thought-out categories, and the stories behind the drinks. Obviously there was a heavy Italian influence but it wasn’t limiting in the slightest.

For my first cocktail here, I chose an Italian Stallion… Strega, egg liqueur, almond milk, pineapple juice and Moscato. It was delicious, cool and creamy, and the best thing of all… it came with a little man!

As you can appreciate I had been drinking all day, the so presence of a little man on my drink was pretty hilarious and wonderful. That must be why I found him in my handbag the next day… soz Livin’ Italy, I will take good care of him and he will live on many drinks to come.

We had wine with our meal, and then after dinner we moved into the bar area and asked for four Espresso Martinis. On the cocktail menu it specified ‘Espresso Martini & Treats’ so I was excited to see what elements of chocolate were added. When the drinks arrived, they were lovely but missing anything extra… I questioned the bar man who bought us the additional chocolate bits straight away – basically a mini nutella sandwich and a dark chocolate spoon – and it obviously went down a treat!

I thought it was fantastic, not only that he made us a classic Espresso Martini that wasn’t on their menu (I didn’t ask for the Espresso Martini ‘& Treats’, because I assumed he knew I meant that one, so it was my fault!), but also that he bought the extra treats anyway. It was really fab service! As we had quite a few drinks at Dough House, I wanted to give it a proper, scored review:

Dough House Leeds

Deliciousness: 9/10
Pissediness: 9/10 – the day drinking probably helped here!
Price: 8/10
Story: 10/10 – absolutely loved the Italian influence, the wonderful cocktail menu, and the little man!!

= 36 points

I will definitely return to the Pipe and Glass Inn as soon as possible for dinner, and will be frequenting Dough House on the regular. It had a great atmosphere for a Saturday night but I’m sure would be perfect for a quick after-work date too.

The next day was spent largely in bed, with tea and toast 🙂 Bliss!