Review: Early Bird Cocktails at Pinche Pinche

We used to live in Chapel Allerton and we absolutely loved it – the choice of restaurants, the independent coffee haunts, and local shops all make it a really interesting place to live. One of our favourite restaurants there is Pinche Pinche, which has apparently been a Mexican restaurant under one name or another for at least twenty years. It was my brother in law’s birthday this week so we went along to try the Early Bird menu – including 2 for 1 cocktails!!

I kicked off with a Mojito, which was delicious. Whenever I go for drinks deals, particularly in restaurants, I always presume the cocktails are going to be really syrupy and too sweet – luckily it was really good. I followed up with a Bramble… I feel like I need to reserve judgement on any further Brambles in my life since reading this interview with the creator – once I’ve made one to his exact recipe, I will be able to judge once again!

Obviously we ate loads of delicious food as well (the surf & turf tacos are incredible) but on the cocktails alone, I would recommend a visit. The early bird offer meant the following cocktails are available as 2 for 1 (£6.95):
– Margarita
– Espresso Martini
– Bramble
– Mojito
– Very Berry

Pinche Pinche Early Bird Cocktails

Deliciousness: 8/10
Pissediness: 6/10 (they weren’t very strong)
Price: 9/10
Story: 5/10 – it’s a lovely vibrant restaurant, but you can’t really see the bar and the cocktail list is quite expected. A Mezcal cocktail wouldn’t go amiss.

+1 bonus point for bringing my bro in law a birthday cake, sombrero and shot of tequila!

= 29 points