Bees Knees

Inspiration comes from the strangest of places. This weekend, Dan hasn’t been feeling well and we’re trying all the meds we can get our hands on to banish his sore throat. While he’s chugging Lemsip and chomping Strepsils, I felt inspired to create a more fun lemon and honey beverage for myself.

Enter: the Bees Knees. It’s a simple cocktail I’ve had before and uses few ingredients, Here’s how I made mine, and what I think of the drink…

2 measures gin
1 measure lemon juice
1/2 measure honey

It took two attempts to make this drink!

Version 1: I had cubed ice in the shaker and once I poured it out I found there was quite a lot of honey residue left behind; I think maybe the honey solidified a bit, and the ice watered the drink down slightly.

Version 2: I tried without ice as I realised it wasn’t included in the recipe book I was using! This version was sweeter and there was no honey left behind, but shorter because it wasn’t iced down.

I preferred option 1 and my friend preferred the second version – win-win!! I’ve read up a bit online and a few recipes suggest using a honey syrup instead, I presume this would prevent the sweetness getting left behind. Either way, it’s a good thing I didn’t attempt it with the local set honey I have in the cupboard! I will definitely make this again.

This recipe came from a book Dan got me for Christmas; The Cocktail Bible

Bees Knees: the perfect drink to drown out the incessant demands for attention from your under-the-weather loved ones.