Big Old Booze Shop

I was feeling frivolous last Friday night and decided to drop a ton on refreshing my drinks cabinet and to inspire more mixes in the coming festive weeks. I have so many bottles of the beautiful basics like vodka and gin, but want to encourage myself to try new drinks, and treat myself to a few things I’ve had my eye on! Here’s what was in my big shop from Master of Malt…

I see this pop up in quite a few cocktails in my books, so it feels like something any home bar should stock. Also, I’ve got a penchant for summery drinks at the moment, in an act of defiant ignorance of the fact that I skipped a sunny holiday abroad this year, so I’ll knock up some Tequila Sunsrises sometime soon!

Lillet blanc
We directed a photoshoot for work recently and my client mentioned his favourite cocktail is a Vesper. Talking about it gave me The Thirst, and in my new Tier Three way of life, the only way I’m going to get close to one of these is by purchasing some Lillet Blanc and shaking one up of my own accord.

Gold tequila
Did I mention the Tequila Sunrises!?

I’m so excited about this! When I first started reading and learning about different cocktails it came up quite a lot, and initially I discarded it as some obscure liqueur that I’d never justify owning. When I found out it’s almond syrup, I added it to my wish list and here we are. I went for a brand called William Fox because, to be frank, Monin bottles are fugly.

Because it’s a beautiful bottle and I feel like I want to attempt a little Bakewell number.

Maraschino Cherries
These were a real treat at £9 for a jar, but this brand had the best reviews and they really are delicious. Cherries are my favourite fruit and these are sweet, glossy and fantastically boozy.

Peach liqueur
I’d like to mix a Fish House Punch, a G and Tea, a Perfect Lady, and obviously a Sex On The Beach. Watch this space!

Canadian Rye Whisky
I’m having a Canadian Date Night with my fella this weekend so this will play a part in the ‘Canadian Daisy’ I’m planning!

I’m looking forward to challenging myself to use these new ingredients and creating new drink possibilities by adding to my bar. The more booze you own, the more you mix and the quicker it goes, so I expect to be splashing out on a few more bottles in the coming weeks!