What’s all this then?

My name’s Daisy and I’ve always loved cocktails. From being the ‘family mixologist’ at Christmas when I was 14, to fine-tuning my tastebuds at some incredible bars more recently, I enjoy every element – the theatre, the names, the garnishes, the colours, the rituals, associations and history. Every drink tells a story and in my experience, every one is unique.

It’s my personal goal to increase my knowledge of cocktails, learn how to create my own drinks,  discover new bars and uncover stories along the way. I don’t claim to be an expert by any stretch, but I hope that writing about drinks will help me learn and develop. The content of this blog will be cocktail recipes, experiences and reviews.

In April 2016, I held a delicious beer up to the sky and took a photo. I posted it to Instagram with the tag #daisydrinks, and my interest in exploring the world of unique drinks accelerated – since then, I’ve had a keen eye for good-looking booze. (If you’re interested, it was a peach Mikkeller Hallo – I think I bought it at House Of The Trembling Madness and I still think it’s a very, very good-looking beverage.)

I hope you enjoy my blog… Here it goes!